A common theme in my books

Wake up and think for yourself.


I’m often asked what I think about Donald Trump or the idea of his presidency. I always respond with the same:

What do you think of Bert and Ernie?

Which is a better actor?

What a silly response! But its my response.

The sooner we wake up from the political charades the sooner we can stop squabbling over puppets. I don’t get into the minutia of the latest thing that the current US president did or said, because in the end the result will be the same. At the same time I don’t want to be distracted from what I’m supposed to be distracted from.

Thinking for yourself is a common thread between The World of Adam Dunne and The Fine Art of Internet Troll Slaying.


Zombie generation


Its sad to see a generation obsessed by devices to such a degree that they ignore the world around them. It is often argued that this is not necessarily detrimental to society. I flat out disagree.

We’ve lost touch with the tangible world and now live life through a virtual one. We’ve become distant from one another. Our perceptions are borne from what we see and hear in the virtual world rather than the physical.


Where does it all lead?

Read a book! Share it! Interact!

“Fine Art” finally in revision!

After pulling my second book from the shelves about 1.5 years I’n finally sitting down to revise and release. I was torn between re-releasing and holding back. As my faithful fans know I weave the idea of independent thinking into my books. With that said, I felt that my second book appeared a tad self-centered and narcissistic. Although “The Fine Art of Internet Troll Slaying” blends humor with the substantive topics, I still felt uneasy about the work. I didn’t want my name associated with rambling dribble.

However, after extensive soul searching and witnessing perpetual onslaught of mind numbing propaganda, and sheep descending into herd mentality even further I felt the calling again.

Look for the re-release of “The Fine Art” early in 2018 on Amazon.

Divide et Impera


A common theme with my books is to exercise independent thought. Lack of independent thought leads us down the path of “herd mentality”. Those that stray from the herd are ostracized. Divide et impera (divide and conquer) is as old as the Roman empire and its still used today to divide people. Democrats vs Republicans. Left vs Right. Don’t worry about what’s hidden behind the curtain. Never mind the puppet strings that are always dangling in the oval office for the next act.

With the recent predictable events in Middle East it seems that ruling elite are once again getting their way while we peons fight over the justification. What will the history books say about this era? Will the facts be distorted and changed like usual?


This is the navigational launchpad for my writing projects. Given that at this point writing is only a hobby it is my hope that this page will continue to expand with content as my literary talents expand.


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