Random thoughts

Cognitive Dissonance

“Brain washing” is perhaps too strong a term. Some things we are taught to believe since the beginning of our lives remain with us throughout our adult lives. This is despite proof that constitutes a 180 degree difference in our way of thinking. This is the substance of online heated debates and the perpetuation of online “trolls”. My previous book was entitled “The Fine Art of Internet Troll Slaying”. It takes a whimsical approach to classifying and dealing with online trolls that suffer from this psychological phenomenon who attempt to demean critical thinkers with opposing views.






The nature of reality

In my upcoming book entitled “The World Adam Dunne”, I describe a boy with disturbing visions. After a while he struggles to distinguish reality from fantasy. It got me thinking of reality in general. Reality is subjective. Reality is our perceptions. We have 5 senses:


But its a fraction of what really is. Imagine what the world world be like if we had 10 or 12. Imagine if precognition was a sense. Our minds can’t grasp these concepts.

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